As a leading and recognized African brand, we aim to attract high profile figures with a predisposition for showmanship, when someone enters a Cappello, all inside look up to see who is joining their ranks. This will be strengthened by escalating our efforts to develop truly African entrepreneurs.

Our brand will be in demand and successfully trade beyond the inner city limits, beyond the countries borders and the name Cappello will resonate in all Southern African countries.

We aim to captivate the already established urban social scene and add sophistication and flamboyance, to offer business men and women a satisfactory and sassy alternative to their monotonous office life while maintaining a productive pragmatic atmosphere – that is the goal of all Cappello’s.

The Cappello brand has a strong attraction with the sophisticated urbanite and is marketed as such. Our market is all about the ‘brand’ and builds their entire image on aspiration. They are voguish and salacious; they are from the middle to upper echelons of society, they are extravagant and lavish, it’s all about being seen at Cappello with the right drink in the right shoes. It’s all about style!

The Cappello concept has evolved dramatically since its inception in 2001. Where the brand was originally developed as a coffee shop, it is now a cocktail café. Our focus has had to progress from an ‘eating experience’ to that of FOOD, PASSION & PEOPLE.

The focus on food, though it has remained our key priority, has shifted from light meals and coffee to an entertaining dining experience which is steered by value and selection. Our food offer spans from sushi to pizza with an abundance of meat dishes in between. The passion in Cappello can be felt as you walk in the door. The uniform and décor scream ‘status’ and the energy of the vibrant surrounds reverberate through every pore. This passion is carried down from the directors of this brand and extends to all in its reach. Our people are our most important asset and we endeavor to keep them in our brand and nurture them to their full potential. As a result, our staff are driven and ambitious. They are dedicated to providing each guest with a truly memorable experience.

Whichever Cappello you choose, from Cape Town to Johannesburg, we promise an exciting mix of cultural ecstasy and contemporary drive, a no-nonsense but gratifying experience. A place where the latest food trends will still be prepared and served with the warmth and grace of the homemade touch. A place where those wrapped up in their everyday frenzied buzz of the city can seek cohorts, retreat and tremble to the tones of happening sounds. So hats off to the Cappello concept, one that continues to promise and satisfy with style. From our uniforms to our wallpaper, when you walk into Cappello, you know you have arrived!

The concept Cappello’s is based on a new age module rather than that of a standard franchise. The most important factor is that all Cappello stores are owner-run to ensure quality and service to the guest. Owning a Cappello is as important as being seen in one – it is all about the brand!

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